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rock and roll springtime take one.

did i ever tell you about the time i styled harold melvyn and his blue notes for an album sleeve. well.. the first thing i did was take them over to tony the tailor in soho and have all four … Continue reading

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what holidays reveal to lovers

shane clancy learned the hard way that holidays have the power to make or break a home. seven years ago he woke up in a big soft hotel bed with his wife gone. he freaked out for around five hours and … Continue reading

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january the first

on menlove ave, many bright individual coloured front doors creaked open around 8.a.m. each occupant staggered out onto the crisp virgin snow of a new year and shivered. they all looked out across the flatlands of a dazzling white unplayed … Continue reading

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billy and benny’s marriage guidance clinic

london girls used to be the worst, until a wide boy entrepreneur called danny reynolds overheard a ding dong goin on between two irate neighbours. one was an old homophobe, the other an old fagg. insults were flying when the old homophobe … Continue reading

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rock n roll seaside.. take one

brighton isn’t the only rock n roll seaside town within hours..up on the north coast of ireland is a place called portrush…it got its name during the psychedelic 1960’s because at that time it was a rare port of call … Continue reading

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garry’s circumcision

for a long while garry wheeler avoided having girlfriends…a fairly decent looking man who would’ve had no problem getting laid if not for his tight angry red festering foreskin. every stage of solving this problem fried garry’s nerves… talking to … Continue reading

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straight acting gay couple

todd and steve mapped their marriage out purely on the grounds of money. they fearlessly bought their one and only home in a super straight neighbourhood where the value of property either went up or stayed stable. they got a … Continue reading

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