i love the london boys


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val doonican

IMG_5972just one of our many fine young upstanding citizens.. mindful of personal hygiene and good posture.. therefore less likely to accrue severe backache or a nasty skin disease later on in life.B85E9F9D-747B-4F49-828D-AAE8FD61A109with proper posture you can stand on your feet for longer periods of time. clothes will hang as the tailor cut them. your spine won’t compress leaving you with lesser inches to your name.. your unsqueezed organs will keep constipation at bay.. you’ll simply be aligning yourself for a better sex life and all round good luck. in the words of our late great shaman val doonican.. “walk tall.. walk straight.. and look the world right in the eye”

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rock and roll springtime take one.

7583859600_IMG_7688did i ever tell you about the time i styled harold melvyn and his blue notes for an album sleeve. well.. the first thing i did was take them over to tony the tailor in soho and have all four men measured up for yellow velvet suits. when it came to the day of the shoot in a rural location somewhere out in hertfordshire i sat quietly on the sidelines to let the photographer get on with his work, but something was not quite right..so i yelled hold it!.. hold the shoot!.. and then minced over to remove their jackets rendering them instantly curvaceous in just trews and double breasted waistcoats.. NOW you could see their nice round arses and big fat cocks practically ripping through the tight yellow velvet… when they got back to philly their manager and record company called me at the same time on one of those conference call thingys from a boardroom to tell me the photographs were vulgar and obscene yet they loved them anyway, especially since it was thrusting the sales of their fabulous long player gramophone record right up into the top ten blues & soul charts worldwide… so you see..as long as the music is there in the first place, sex appeal and good styling does appear to help things on a touch.

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time is not cheap anymore


at the beginning of last year i posted everyday on wordpress, and then by the time spring came i just drifted outdoors without returning cause good sun had arrived… anyway.. today i’m posting a new song and i hope you like it…ta ta…mary fairy liquid.


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mellow gear


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english paparazzi

img_3285one reason i took up photography and started writing short stories up here on wordpress was that it might feed directly back into my main concern which is songwriting. every decade or so i find myself a bit lost.. it’s not a writers block, but the inclination does vanish. it’s not a fun feeling, although the years have taught me not to panic. a good idea is to just go outside and have an ice cream among people and take some pictures… i have found photography to be a great tonic for the making of music.. it opens my eyes to the world around me, offering new images and ideas for lyrics.

when i’m out and about in london with my camera i often look just above street level.. it’s a gas what’s on view if you lift the eyes up toward the first or second floor of the buildings.

here’s hoping you enjoy my new song

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homeless people in london


as i move through the fair with camera in hand, the compulsion to document homeless folk becomes overwhelming, even if it does send the moral compass into a spin. on one hand it feels intrusive, while on the other, the reality deserves addressing. when i encounter what my camera was born for, i can almost hear the contraption yelling at me to nail these situations, and for a split second i get to feel what it might be like for a photo journalist taking pictures in a war zone where people are anxious or under heavy duress… it’s not fun taking those kind of photographs, but ultimately i’m glad i do. they’re a true record of how life is for many mother’s sons and daughters in this ruthless city. the more it’s discussed, the more of an issue it becomes. black and white photography is particularly good for this. it keeps the essence up front, where colour could be a distraction.

the picture of the lady above gets to me because she’s so beautiful.. she knows she deserves better than this. i love her hair..it reminds me of linda lewis in the 1970’s playing her fender stratocaster singing ‘rock a doodle doo’…what i mean is she looks like she’s got all the potential in the world to be where she’d prefer to be, yet there she is.. in deep water.

and the young girl below asleep in the middle of the day..her clock all upside down…she looks so young…and then below that, the group of fellas where one has retrieved food for the rest..then the man with the dog..the look on that little dog’s face throws me for six. then the final picture of the two young strapping guys who look like they’ve got so much to offer. all these people have, if only given a chance… everybody’s got something to offer.

Version 3img_3431Version 3img_4630img_4186

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