the prostate gland

no_61_mark_rothkogeoff became ever more handsome with each passing decade, and now in his early sixties his currency with the ladies had never been higher, but good luck in the good looks department created a dangerous chemistry with the steaming hot mess of his low self esteem, so getting laid by eager woman became a strange addiction, cause in those fleeting moments of freedom he got a taste of what it’s like to feel worthy.

the trouble with having all that hungry lady flesh at geoff’s fingertips is their flesh started having him. freewheeling woman who’d shaken off the shackles of their own history by checking into the same heartbreak hotel were keen to try out all sorts of exciting things, and before he knew it, geoff found himself with a travelling suitcase full of fluffy pink handcuffs…thick authentic law enforcement handcuffs…soft sturdy black leather iPhone full of passive woman..bossy woman…the occasional homosexual…motel customer loyalty vouchers…car hire customer loyalty points…a bouncy bouncy bank balance….a briefcase busting full of a completely unmanageable life.

the thing that saved geoff was cancer, when in order to save his prostate, they nailed lots of little gold metal studs into it, and then zapped the organ with radiotherapy while filling him full of the female hormone ostregan to support the treatment…the doctor warned him that along with putting on weight,he’d loose all chest hair and sex drive.

on a clear warm hollywood night, geoff went out for one final love feast…he drove the car along melrose avenue relishing the tequila coursing through his system. he felt the fire in his belly one last time as he sailed into the arms of honey dijon …an older girl who dragged him and herself through their own customised versions of heavenly hell for the millionth time. when they were done, the comedown left them dissolving from each others vision into the following day.

the morning light blasting into the giant hospital windows reminded geoff of that feeling on the first day back to school after an endless hot summer, but soon after settling into a private room, his anxious libido drowned under the heavy flow of modern medication.

on leaving cedar sinai hospital, geoff suddenly had time on his hands for other things…he began thinking of all those wasted weekends squandered in the name of getting tied up..hung up or laid on beds that felt like blunt rusty nails…but now whole vistas of sexless pleasure where opening up for him. he feared the doctor taking him off the hormone treatment and old ways returning…and the doctor did exactly when the treatment finally rendered itself a success..geoff felt vaguely disappointed when doctor foureyes said he wouldn’t have to rip his fully functioning prostate out.

slowly all the old desires are beginning to return…who kn0ws where it’ll go…all we know is geoff deserves more from life… maybe he’ll gain enough healthy distance from the past… it’s so easy to become attached to things..from cigarettes to…praise….unrelenting pain even…heaven help us all.

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