what holidays reveal to lovers

airplaneshane clancy learned the hard way that holidays have the power to make or break a home. seven years ago he woke up in a big soft hotel bed with his wife gone. he freaked out for around five hours and then slowly realised all was well again with the world. they’d both been given their lives back. neither were bad people, it’s just it took those grim holidays to hold a mirror up to their uncomplimentary differences. one wanted to do one thing while the other usually wanted to something else, and the endless tug and pull had them both loose sight of the thing that drew them together in the first place back in ireland

nice hotels in warm places unlock the mind..we reveal ourselves to one another. if we’ve changed, the holiday will make it apparent.. our daily grind of work gets lifted away. free time turns out to be either a thriller or a killer. one or both forget who they are. it’s either a disruptive or wonderful feeling. when things that define you like houses or careers aren’t there to frame you down, all hell or heaven can break loose.

all of this was shane clancy’s hard earned wisdom, which he intended to make the most of with marie costello from galway… he’s aware familiarity could eat them alive so he put in place a fun strategy for both of them to stay fresh with each other for as long as possible.

the first hoot was travelling separately on different airlines..both booking into independent rooms in different hotels within walking distance of one other… both wore clothes neither of them had seen each other in before.. shane even cut his hair extra short and grew stubble…. his girlfriend marie enjoyed playing out a less passive role that’d been forever imposed upon her by life in work far beneath her skills, and on the second day into their arrival she ambled down towards her lover’s poolside bar exuding the charisma of a feline predator. marie made her presence visibly known to shane, but was in no rush to acknowledge him…she conversed with the barman and two girls her own age for a good hour before getting into anything with her man.. this was wild fun for shane who enjoyed relinquishing all his professional authority for a change. marie was in control all the way back to her hotel room where she trussed shane’s wrists high above his head to an ultramodern four poster bed at various hours throughout the night. she kept the curtains over the floor to ceiling window glass wide open, and for longest time his naked limbs ached as he looked straight down from the 11th floor over the city’s neon crown.

they weren’t so hammy as to pretend to not know each other, but the cute trick definitely placed both under playful lighting, as marie sat in an armchair drinking tumblers of scotch, talking to her good looking boyfriend on full display about things they don’t normally get into. it wasn’t stupid sexy talk, although it was profoundly horny bouncing off one another in this unorthodox fashion.. they got on like houses on fire talking and horning till the sun came up.. marie eventually untied shane and he collapsed on the bed and slept all day while marie went off to do her own thing. there was no freaking out over hum drum rubbish like airports or schedules or tourism… they did not of that tripe on these holidays. in restaurants, shane would curiously order vegetarian food for himself. marie playfully responded to this by gorging on bloody steaks, and when they regrouped back home in ireland, their future was on good forthright fun loving ground. friendship became the glue rather than any sticky twisted notions of love.

shane and marie never did get married, and five years later, on one final hoorah in manhattan, both acknowledged things had ran a natural course. they moved on in a decent civilised way …unlike how angry lovers never do.

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