january the first

_58310012_p1030627on menlove ave, many bright individual coloured front doors creaked open around 8.a.m. each occupant staggered out onto the crisp virgin snow of a new year and shivered. they all looked out across the flatlands of a dazzling white unplayed football field. the obvious metaphor of that called out to leave the grubby mess of yesterday behind with a firm new year resolution. the lonely empty goalposts had struck a nerve with them all.

leaning against a chipped faded emerald green door, betty watson vowed to close her account with anne summers online and face the truth head on …she’d spent a fortune on toys to pleasure herself with..an expensive rubber nurses uniform left her sailing close to the wind with the monthly rent…but worse still was time wasted. important relationships left to die on the vine while she ran from herself down a dark corridor of perfect strangers. poor betty.. no one could blame her.. she was carrying a lot of hurt inside.

standing legs astride with hands in pockets, framed by the surround of his pristine royal blue front door, handsome archie looks like a vision of love, but he’s not everything he seems.. with a weakness for being a hellish control freak, he’d seen off a 2nd perfectly lovely wife last summer. he’s lived in finer houses than this one,but due to expensive divorce proceedings, now finds himself on a level playing field. staring out at the one there facing the avenue reminds him of that. archie takes a deep breath and swears to change his ways for the sake of a more functional future.

from an open window above a lemon yellow door in serious need of a lick of paint, winston leans out over the ledge to watch a girl with a pram leave track marks on the pure undriven snow of the football field as she takes a shortcut over it towards him.she’s the mother of his child, bringing the boy to wish his father a happy new year. he fondles his first unlit pure grass joint of the day but decides not to spark up. no no no. time to break this stale habit and measure up like all his other high achieving sisters.

door after door after door, in all colours of the rainbow, they all stand there making these heartfelt well intentioned vows for abstinence discipline and order. heaven bless them, for they really really mean it at the time, but by summer it’ll all have gone tits up just like every year before…one or two of them will even cave in by early afternoon…a few folk will actually see it through. they’ll probably be the quiet ones who make the least song and dance regarding their brand new plans.

dieticians.. therapists.. and people who churn out chintzy cards with inspirational sugared shit on them will make a fortune out of this sort of thing, yet so far, at the end of every financial year, painkillers remain bigger business.

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2 Responses to january the first

  1. Debbie Hoare says:

    You have a book in you . . . both fiction, and non fiction! This could be the first chapter of the fictional one! It had me gripped anyway, and there’s more than a grain of truth in it. Go on, write a book . . . It could be your new year resolution!! LoL. Happy new year to you Mary washing up liquid, hope it’s fabulous and fruitful. XXX


    • every bugger’s writing a book these days debbie… i’m getting into bakery this year…i want to bake cakes that look nice on a cake stand in the kitchen, and play my pretty guitars…you are a sweetheart, and i am lucky to know you for such a long long time..a truly lovely soul….i wish you lots of love and laughter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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