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time.. is waiting in the wings.

by the end of 2017, our world believed it had a new awfully modern problem on it’s hands with iPhone and tablet addiction. no one was walking around with their hands free anymore.. it was doing strange things like giving … Continue reading

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new years eve weather man

well that’s all from me angela grippon and the rest of the news team..i now pass you over to colin calendar for our weather, reporting tonight from the edges of time. hello colin luv…what’s in store for us on this … Continue reading

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the prostate gland

geoff became ever more handsome with each passing decade, and now in his early sixties his currency with the ladies had never been higher, but good luck in the good looks department created a dangerous chemistry with the steaming hot … Continue reading

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michael clark and his cosmic dancers

in the 1970’s a load of us of around fifteen/sixteen left school and home early with no cultural building blocks in place…except maybe for one….pop music. pop music was like this crack in the grey cement where maybe a dandelion … Continue reading

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