love songs


for the longest time i figured writing love songs was some sort of cop out, but now i’m thinking there surely must be a reason why our world is flooded with them… maybe this is who we are. in spite of our greed and war mongering, perhaps deep down we’re loving creatures, or at least would want to be…i dunno…. it’s been a long time since i wrote one….. i hope you like it.IMG_7330

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7 Responses to love songs

  1. Nice song and voice Sir!


    • thanks’s a thrill to have you up on instagram and here with your gorgeous photography and relating’ll have us all buying your books.. keep on rocking in the free world xxx


  2. I’m loving this love song that gets grittier than just “down-to-earth.” I mean, it gets down in the dirt in such a lovely way. I’m also loving the long hair!


  3. tim says:

    nice to see and hear the old Les Paul get an airing, looking well GG. Much enjoyed


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