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love songs

for the longest time i figured writing love songs was some sort of cop out, but now i’m thinking there surely must be a reason why our world is flooded with them… maybe this is who we are. in spite … Continue reading

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learning to love all over again

remember… if you see somebody riding around with L plates, give them plenty of room….. it could mean they’re learning to love all over again. 

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january the first

on menlove ave, many bright individual coloured front doors creaked open around 8.a.m. each occupant staggered out onto the crisp virgin snow of a new year and shivered. they all looked out across the flatlands of a dazzling white unplayed … Continue reading

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nancy’s pearl necklace

nancy had been sleeping deeply when she woke up with a strange feeling around and below her neckline ….. when she realised what it was, all she could do was scream … damn but it suits you so good, exclaimed … Continue reading

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rich tea biscuits

derek?.. are you awake darling….. i’m thinking of scaling everything down to rich tea biscuits. i know it’s bit of a bombshell to drop on you with them coming again tomorrow, but it’s you i married, not your family.. honestly … Continue reading

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crap wedding that turned out alright

the only one in that family who escaped felt queasy opening the cream and gold envelope. out of obligation she’d always flown home to attend the weddings of her brothers, knowing all too well how yet another horse and pony … Continue reading

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love letter found by battersea bridge

“dear winnie..just because i’ve let my guard down and opened up to you completely, doesn’t make it acceptable to use me for your emotional toilet. without a moments warning, when we’re out on the town, you turn off the neon, … Continue reading

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my boyfriend

this is my boyfriend…of 25 years i very much like this picture…mainly because of his smile. as a younger man i found it filthy,but now it’s the underpinning sincerity and warmth that sends me. another thing i love about this … Continue reading

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