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purple rain on park lane

every friday evening around seven o’clock a gaggle of high class prostitutes in crush velvet corsetry ride the elevator up to the most expansive hotel suite on london’s park lane.. the atmosphere becomes so electric, the sky outside lights up … Continue reading

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make the money talk back

alan watson was a natural with money…he’d gather a little pile of it up off the floorboards, blow life over its dusty gold surface till it sang a song and expand many times its original size. he had absolutely zero … Continue reading

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the goalkeeper

mike langford, a good looking centre forward was getting more and more ugly with every goal he scored.. he’d come from a very gritty basic background and was an absolute sweetheart until all the money and power shat down on … Continue reading

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the greatest rock n roll story never told.

clarence, who had a thing for cream crumply raw silk suits, set up his music company with only one thing in mind…pleasure…such was his clear vision, that every aspect of his empire revolved only around feeling good. there would be … Continue reading

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rich tea biscuits

derek?.. are you awake darling….. i’m thinking of scaling everything down to rich tea biscuits. i know it’s bit of a bombshell to drop on you with them coming again tomorrow, but it’s you i married, not your family.. honestly … Continue reading

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melvin was never flash or smug… it’s just there was so much money sloshing around and things got a little bit vague. he innocently got used to spending more and more lolly, but it was never a case of showing … Continue reading

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straight acting gay couple

todd and steve mapped their marriage out purely on the grounds of money. they fearlessly bought their one and only home in a super straight neighbourhood where the value of property either went up or stayed stable. they got a … Continue reading

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after a dander round the galleries, thomas suddenly wonders aloud if it’s possible to take high tea at claridges without having previously booked a table. we’d never been before and i in jeans, t-shirt, and canary yellow rolling stones overcoat, … Continue reading

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dead rock star money

am i the only one who laughed rather than felt angry when sony instantly doubled the price of whitney downloads the moment she slipped away? what i found even funnier was how they said it was *mistakenly mispriced*….. such a … Continue reading

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