the code of my road

i left home and heavy handed schools at the age of sixteen…that’s when education became fun,with music as a compass throughout.i’ve never had a job,but i’ve always worked, lived well and by my wits.i believe most of todays employment to be a sure sign of impoverishment,and i want nothing to do with it…anyway…the likes of me,who are rendered freeform , have no choice but to find other ways of bringing something to the table…i’m defensive..paranoid even,which is a fairly healthy state of mind in these unhinged times…songwriting along with a loving home are my main concerns. wary of politics, i feel that whole aspect of life is now debased to the level of a television game show…music is positively highbrow by comparison.i filter out the cunts,and by the laws of natural selection, they’ll filter me out of their lives that’s good…i haven’t many decades left in this world,so i’m on my own little mission of love and music while there’s still time left for it…harry krishna.

18 Responses to the code of my road

  1. john says:

    Great Video/song Mary.
    Keep it Pushin,


  2. vonnie adlam-reyes says:

    LOOOOOOO this song soooo much..pure talant as always.Hope things are still gr8 with you,Caffy
    sends her love too x x
    vonnie x x


    • you are both darlings,who go right back to my teenage years playing in teenage rock and roll bands across germany and england…you’re precious to me…we share the same great fun loving memories.


      • Marianne says:

        Totally agree with Ms Vonnie ,my dear “oldest” penpal ..better late than never tho’ ,all our love from your danish connection(once) x


  3. Raggle says:

    Please keep ‘bringing it to the table’
    Lots of us out here thrive on the updates and the new songs you let slip into the universe
    Love always


  4. mosaica says:

    When I was younger I would discover something new to me, gleaming and lovely, and I’d feel clueless & ashamed because I didn’t know about it before. More often as I grow old, I find something new and lovely, and I’m rapturous with gratitude that the universe continues to have aces hidden up its sleeve with which to delight me, like being led, all unknowing, here to your digital encampment and the beautiful song & video above. *beam*


  5. Frances says:

    Always inspired to pull my finger out and try harder when I listen to your music.

    Thank you for the music.

    Frances x


  6. Eamonn P. Keyes says:

    So interesting to find after 30 years or so….memories of Portrush, Portstewart, my old flat in Belfast, and an almost forgotten time.


  7. Michael Rosenbaum says:

    found your “euroflake” cd at a thrift store, finally listened to it, loved it, just created a silly little article stub on you at Wikipedia (now you’re famous! just like lady gaga!). love your writing, imagination coupled with intent, very good stuff. keep it up, i will check out your various media works as i find time.


    • cheers michael…i enjoyed making that record,and felt crushed when it was more or less dead in the water on release,so it’s always heartwarming when folk pick up on those things in their own good time…thank you so much for writing.


  8. DebraGlenn says:

    Mr. Gray,
    When I read “…i haven’t many decades left in this world …”, I got sad. You mean so much to me.


  9. Anonymous says:

    It all still rings so true.. thank you.


  10. Vincent Gioielli says:

    Your still shining boy oh


  11. Mary says:

    I think this is my new favorite song. I haven’t followed you (or anyone else, for that matter) in quite some time. I never forgot you but did forget why I loved you so much. Now I remember. Thanks so much for your inspiration!


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