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january the first

on menlove ave, many bright individual coloured front doors creaked open around 8.a.m. each occupant staggered out onto the crisp virgin snow of a new year and shivered. they all looked out across the flatlands of a dazzling white unplayed … Continue reading

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rock n roll seaside.. take one

brighton isn’t the only rock n roll seaside town within hours..up on the north coast of ireland is a place called portrush…it got its name during the psychedelic 1960’s because at that time it was a rare port of call … Continue reading

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busted for dope at heathrow

this is a photo of the contents of my fridge here in the desert. it is a sign of the times where i am able to ingest good clean cannabis without smoking it. i have to say, at 55 i … Continue reading

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king schitt of fuck mountain…memoirs continued.

it’s 1981,and after five years away from the place,i’m now back in northern ireland with the intent of forming a new band with myself centre stage as king schitt of my own fuck mountain. the political conflict is in full … Continue reading

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stanley booth – the true adventures of the rolling stones

i went to a one off screening of the rolling stones *gimme shelter*¬†earlier in the week. like many music lovers i’d already seen a lot of it on youtube…still, there’s nothing like seeing a thing like that in an actual … Continue reading

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death … fame and whitney houston

i loathed the sound of whitney houston records.the power ballad shlock she peddled out ad nauseum represented everything i hated about the late 20th century record business.it was only later when whitney got some dirt under her fingernails that i … Continue reading

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