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felix plays the drums now

you see that big house behind the gates there…that’s where felix lives. he finally retired at 75 having made a load of lolly by being in the right place at the right time. god knows why, but he’s taken up … Continue reading

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our reggie

a long long time ago reggie wilkes had a 15 minute scuffle with fame as ‘the singing football hooligan’. a friend of his father who was a fledging media executive had been out on a search to find young television personalities … Continue reading

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shopping list

 okay bruv.. i’m not gonna bovver asking you to share in the rent, cause you’re not gonna be here long enough ARE YOU, but while you’re wasting time stealing all my kit kats from the fridge, the least you can do is run … Continue reading

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love letter found by battersea bridge

“dear winnie..just because i’ve let my guard down and opened up to you completely, doesn’t make it acceptable to use me for your emotional toilet. without a moments warning, when we’re out on the town, you turn off the neon, … Continue reading

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evan jones is the pride of our nations only reliable news channel. no matter how graphic or scandalous a story, evan will deliver all facts in a clean neutral style. he’s got that special talent of appearing impartial without seeming … Continue reading

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cedric dobson’s bakery

every other small bakery in our town had stopped selling loaves of was all sandwiches, sausage rolls, along with a big batch of frosted puff pastry apple turnovers, but dobson’s on main street still managed to beat the big … Continue reading

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our local minister

our local minister terrence forbes, keeps it firmly under his hat that he does not believe in god. age alone has given him the clarity of facts, and while he’s happy to indulge others in the comforting powers of religious … Continue reading

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unsuccessful vegetarian

 johnny was caught red handed with a big mac and a large vanilla milk shake…he chumped eagerly on that junk at midnight without his spectacles on, while we watched from the other side of oxford street pissing ourselves laughing. like … Continue reading

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the prostate gland

geoff became ever more handsome with each passing decade, and now in his early sixties his currency with the ladies had never been higher, but good luck in the good looks department created a dangerous chemistry with the steaming hot … Continue reading

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