rock and roll springtime take one.

7583859600_IMG_7688did i ever tell you about the time i styled harold melvyn and his blue notes for an album sleeve. well.. the first thing i did was take them over to tony the tailor in soho and have all four men measured up for yellow velvet suits. when it came to the day of the shoot in a rural location somewhere out in hertfordshire i sat quietly on the sidelines to let the photographer get on with his work, but something was not quite i yelled hold it!.. hold the shoot!.. and then minced over to remove their jackets rendering them instantly curvaceous in just trews and double breasted waistcoats.. NOW you could see their nice round arses and big fat cocks practically ripping through the tight yellow velvet… when they got back to philly their manager and record company called me at the same time on one of those conference call thingys from a boardroom to tell me the photographs were vulgar and obscene yet they loved them anyway, especially since it was thrusting the sales of their fabulous long player gramophone record right up into the top ten blues & soul charts worldwide… so you long as the music is there in the first place, sex appeal and good styling does appear to help things on a touch.

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