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cedric dobson’s bakery

every other small bakery in our town had stopped selling loaves of bread..it was all sandwiches, sausage rolls, along with a big batch of frosted puff pastry apple turnovers, but dobson’s on main street still managed to beat the big … Continue reading

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unsuccessful vegetarian

┬ájohnny was caught red handed with a big mac and a large vanilla milk shake…he chumped eagerly on that junk at midnight without his spectacles on, while we watched from the other side of oxford street pissing ourselves laughing. like … Continue reading

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san francisco

it suddenly occurred to me how much san francisco had towered over my rock and roll life with it’s trailblazing visions. in the present tense there’s the simple elegance of apple computers ,which have helped a dumbo like me to … Continue reading

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eating…it’s shitting in reverse.

eating ….it’s shitting in reverse… or as my funny little friend tony says ” food…it’s just shit waiting to happen”. when you stand right back and look,it’s quite revolting..people chomping away..some with the mouths open..like front loading washing machines… disgusting… … Continue reading

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