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rich tea biscuits

derek?.. are you awake darling….. i’m thinking of scaling everything down to rich tea biscuits. i know it’s bit of a bombshell to drop on you with them coming again tomorrow, but it’s you i married, not your family.. honestly … Continue reading

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crap wedding that turned out alright

the only one in that family who escaped felt queasy opening the cream and gold envelope. out of obligation she’d always flown home to attend the weddings of her brothers, knowing all too well how yet another horse and pony … Continue reading

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shopping list

 okay bruv.. i’m not gonna bovver asking you to share in the rent, cause you’re not gonna be here long enough ARE YOU, but while you’re wasting time stealing all my kit kats from the fridge, the least you can do is run … Continue reading

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cedric dobson’s bakery

every other small bakery in our town had stopped selling loaves of bread..it was all sandwiches, sausage rolls, along with a big batch of frosted puff pastry apple turnovers, but dobson’s on main street still managed to beat the big … Continue reading

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