felix plays the drums now

maxresdefaultyou see that big house behind the gates there…that’s where felix lives. he finally retired at 75 having made a load of lolly by being in the right place at the right time. god knows why, but he’s taken up drums.. not noisy drums, more the soft brushy sweepy kind.

it’s a classy little kit… tiny and minimal, with the least amount of trappings. he searched around for a set made of fine wood rather than any new fangled polymer material…the finish is deep lush cherry. it glows like a dream under soft stage lights in rooms where he gathers with like minded players.

felix loves how over time his brushes have wore a dark haze into the middle of his drumskins. he derives endless joy perfecting those circular sliding brush strokes..he thinks a lot about tempo and getting just the right swing, mindful never to bang too loud or overplay his welcome… his fellow players beam back at him when he magically conjures up a groove of real size, even while playing very very quietly..he lays back and feels good in a supporting role. it’s the polar opposite of having to be the main man, like he once was, way back in his previous life of business.

around closing time, the smiling drummer shoots the breeze with fellow players and other music lovers while packing away those drums into an exquisite bundle of protective cases. he designed them himself to look more like lovely old hat boxes, each one in a different shade of soft green chalky pastel..  they often get scuffed or dirty from all the gentle rough and tumble, so once a month he bumbles around in his garage at home and cleans them up with a damp dishcloth. his wife loves his new hobby..she says he’s a lot more fun to be around these days.

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2 Responses to felix plays the drums now

  1. davidgarside says:

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your recent run of posts. This one has reminded me that even though I enjoy decluttering and downsizing, it’s still ok to like ‘stuff’…if it’s quality and make you and others feel good.


    • i’m decluttering too david…someone said to me recently how the more you get rid off,the more deeply you appreciate the things you’ve decided to hold on to…lovely to hear from you dear man..and thanks xxx


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