brian jones

i’ve always admired how the rolling stones were forthright about their feelings towards brian jones…
keith just didn’t like him,even though brian was pretty much his mentor in the earliest days…
mick says fame suits no one … some even less so, and that fame just didn’t suit brian jones.
charlie said brian just wasn’t a very nice person,yet charlie was devastated at what happened to his fellow maestro…
it’s all terribly human…
a bunch of young men living and working so closely together…not always liking each other ,and yet making terrific music.

one thing that draws me to brian jones,was his on going internal war with convention and authority .
in the name of music,he ducked and dived and avoided it all.
of course it’s a drag that he pissed off so many folk before paying such a high price for his freewheeling,
but what he delivered to the table during his life was glorious and generous in its own way…
…whenever i hear those uplifting sitar sections kick in during*street fightin man*,my heart truly explodes.
those lovely woodwind recorders he overdubbed on*ruby tuesday* make me sad, cause i know it was the last overdubs he ever added to a stones song.
….and then he just fell off the side of the earth.

…..this song was born out of the treatment i would sometimes get from conformists who grew up alongside me…
they would be smug as a bug in a rug with their mortgages, cars, kids, and jobs for life.
they’d assumed they were building solid ground underneath their lives ,while i’d be foolishly flying by the seat of my pants.

in a loose way, all this somehow makes me think of someone like brian jones,which is why i visited his grave for this short piece of music ..

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7 Responses to brian jones

  1. sonofwalt says:

    I smiled and smiled and smiled and smiled. 🙂 Thank you. I needed that today.


  2. Lyla Koral says:

    My dear I am glad for your songs and you, especially at this time…


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