mick rock … photography … videography

when i was done putting this video together,i pushed my chair back to watch it,so i could see what was actually going on…
all that sprung to mind was the 1970’s photographs of mick rock…
it’s funny how memory or sub conscious beaver away quietly at the back of the head,effecting the finished results of things.
often when i’m in the thick of my work i don’t really know what i’m doing…
i just sort of follow my nose and do what feels good.
it’s only afterwards i can see where i’m coming from,and it’s great fun[or not] to finally see or hear what’s truly there.

so i like to think this video is a loose tribute to the photography of mick rock.
photographers do fascinate me…
their talent not only resides behind the lens,but also in their social prowess away from the camera…
if a photographer has no social prowess,she’s not even in the kitchen to take the pictures in the first place.
all my favourite photographers seem to have been people who were a good groove, and nice to hang with.
have you ever heard of one called gered mankovitz?
he was a sweetheart,and because of that, he became a part of the rolling stones inner sanctum…
they trusted him…so they didn’t mind having him around for long periods of time in their personal space.
linda mccartney was the same…
but the thing i like most about rock and roll glamour photography is unlike fashion photography,all humanity comes flooding through.
all that stupidity and hope comes roaring out of the shot,and i love that,
where as fashion photography might be a lot more controlled.

the song itself comes from a completely different place…
glen campbell perhaps…dusty springfield..burt bacharach…jimmy webb…john barry
but that’s the great thing about still writing and working in your fifties…
there’s just this huge sea of sad and happy memory to draw from…
and i remember those records in such an emotional way…
galveston…witchita lineman…the boxer by simon and garfunkel..
i remember sitting on a gritty ant infested beach in singapore, feeling lonely in my pre teens with a little pocket radio hearing those songs…
it’s all very powerful to me,and it ends up coming through in my music,just like mick rock coming through in the visuals..

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