my linda mccartney story

in the late 1990’s, my thing was to smoke a joint, and then nip into art galleries.the other thing is,i was more or less living on those excellent linda mccartney country day i forgot the pies were in the oven,and when i took them out,i marveled at how they’d burnt black,yet the tinfoil remained pristine and glittery silver.i gently placed them in a little box, and went down to the charles saatchi gallery…..then when security and punters drifted out of the room,i quietly laid the burnt pies in their glittery tinfoil at the feet of a ron mueck hyper reality sculpture.i then hung around to watch people come in and stroke their chins at the burnt linda pies on the floor.they treated these pies with the same validity as all the other high art peppered around the place.

people can be such easy game… included.

anyway..i love linda mccartney.
dull musicians could never understand her place in pauls new group,but when you listen,her backing vocals are a cute part of the signature sound.
…i went to my second linda mccartney exhibition last week at an auction house.
she was such a good photographer.because the lady was hip and kind,her subjects relaxed and revealed themselves truthfully in the pictures…that’s a key skill right there.

this iphone snap of me looking on,is of an album i played a lot when i was 12 years’s a beautiful portrait of paul…happy/unhappy,in scotland after the heavily compressed atmosphere of the beatles.
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11 Responses to my linda mccartney story

  1. TONY says:

    I like the story of the burnt pies as art – Yoko would have been proud.


  2. dom agius says:

    hip & kind, yeah she So was. beautifully put. x


  3. Christ Devos says:

    Great about this burned pie !!! and Linda did make amazing photos !!


  4. Steve Millar says:

    Fantastic and inspiring. Art galleries are so much more fun when stoned too.


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