justin vivian bond

my evening didn’t start off too good…i shuffled down into the little basement theatre…took a front row seat,when the most obnoxious smelly creature sat down beside me.at first i was open and friendly,answering endless questions he kept throwing at me regarding justin’s non specific gender…it got a bit tiresome,so i told him i’m only here cause i like the music and delivery..i’m not too bothered about anyones sexuality.he then lurched forward and said “well i am!!! “…”my boyfriend’s just had his cock chopped off ,and it was a big one”. i thought to myself…oh here goes…THE USUAL… another specimen.. desperate to be a *soho character*…he then starts looking at his brochure and notes how justin had done the carnegie hall,so he quipped that playing in this little london basement was a bit of a comedown…i said it hardly matters..if it’s good,it’s good..who cares if it’s a basement or a famous room.he lurched forward again and said “i do!”….at this point i gently slipped to a table away from the man, where i could be comfortable for the show.

what i love about great performers is how well they gen themselves up on things.
special ones are often born out of their own inbuilt curiosity…
they read loads….
they know the details of how films and records are made…
so when it comes to their own thing,they approach it with a lot of knowledge.

they’ve done the other crucial work outside the actual singing and performing itself.

a neat moment was when justin read from an autobiography soon to be published .
i kid you not..the words were flying off the page,and it it was proper funny.
i’d actually seen justin perform years ago with a different piano player.he was a bit heavy on the keys which rendered the music far too brassy for my liking..but now with a pianist who has lightness of touch,there’s a fresh air of serious sophistication.as the show came to it’s resolve,it dawned on me that i was witnessing one fine songwriter at play.

and here’s justin doing a corking version of ‘you’re so vain’

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8 Responses to justin vivian bond

  1. Christ Devos says:

    I saw a few clips of Justin he is amazing !!! he was at Yoko Ono’s tribute show too !!! and i love his Mother Of Pearl version with Doveman…..


  2. Tone Bender says:

    ah… i love MxV. he’s a natural. a funny, witty, dry character. i hope he has terrific success. and you’re right, he studies it hard.

    and what you say about great performers gen-ing themselves up on things… that’s true for the people we hold dear too i think. for insatnce our friendship grew out of our joint love of ‘knowing the details’. it intimates a shared past, similar curiosities. in a lot of ways it informs who we are, what we ‘present’.

    there’d be no point calling me Tone-Bender if i didn’t know exactly where you were coming from. right? 🙂

    T-Bend xx


  3. Tone Bender says:


    and of course MxV. ‘rapped’ on my SMASH HIT single Nostalgia. hahaha!


  4. Will says:

    I really enjoyed that show and completely get what your saying about the pianist. Last time I seen Mx Bond was with fellow collaborator Our Lady Jay, who is a lovely player in her own right, but did seem a bit overpowering for Justin’s style.

    Favourite song of the gig ‘The Golden Age of Hustlers’ which is just a gorgeous lyric and delivery. I also love the aggression behind ’21st Century’
    I could watch Justin for hours. It’s raw, it’s honest and it’s pretty damn good!

    ..and what a knob that you sat next to. !!!



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