the microphone as camera

i find this to be a very revealing studio out take.
it catches that moment where a pumped up star is fearing the competition, and sensing he’s maybe facing the skids.
what’s going on here is marc bolan’s acting mean towards another gang in town called the sweet.
up till now the sweet were a lightweight bubblegum group,who then suddenly started coming up with searingly good pop singles.
t-rex on the other hand were just starting to loose their grip…
this little out take is a wonderful example of a stars defensiveness and fear…all dressed up as humour…
it’s anything but generous…

and y’know…who can blame the dear boy…
it’s tough coming down…
not soon after,the sweet tripped up over their own platform boots as well…god bless them

both were a cut above the rest. 
they all paid a price for being so young and remarkable…
and that little out-take catches all the hidden pain…
it’s the intro of this swinging record that marc is sending up. 

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4 Responses to the microphone as camera

  1. Christ Devos says:

    Ha Marc Bolan ! well i was a T.Rex fan !! he did have great singles i loved his look and voice !!! he was very popular !!! but so was The Sweet too they were very popular !!! and i lost interest in T.Rex when David Bowie entered my life with his The Jean Genie single..i stayed forever into Bowie ! i lost all my interest in his later work but Marc Bolan teamed up with Bowie in 1977 …….and then he died 😦


  2. john says:

    Was in a bar(Genes Cafe) in Dartmouth Massachusetts one night when 2 gangs were pressure cooking toward an all-out blow-out.Was a weird experience because when it blew it seemed like everyone was hitting something except me.Bodies flailing,glass bein tossed,fist and arms whizzing by and I felt like I was in an invisible shield protecting me.Enjoying the display while making use of my Idle time I hit the jukebox for Ballroom Blitz.Not a good thing to do.The room went absolutely ballistic and the blood started flowing.I slipped out the side door as the Cops were coming in.As much as I love T-Rex,I can see how Marc was edgy at how good a song Sweet had put up.It still holds up.
    (just dont put it on if you see a fight breaking out).


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