the naturist resort

IMG_9102 - Version 5
watching very old human beings parade around naked in the sunshine is like some sort of cruel primer regarding ones own fate…the thin ones like me,will end up with skin flapping and hanging off where a backside used to be,while fat backsides look much better…more firm and plump,but sometimes with a fat fucker,as my good friend jef observes, their todger looks like its been sucked up into the big enormous belly,so all you can see is the nut sack and a little button of a bell-end……hahahahahahahahahaha.

forgive me

mary fairy liquid

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4 Responses to the naturist resort

  1. tim says:

    no skin flapping for you fella…. How the fuck can you look so good in those leathers at 55. Life’s soo unfair. Flabby 61year old enjoying your recent posts


    • hi tim…never think of life as being unfair…or even fair…it’s’s just life,and you look great….i remember when i met you that time five years ago thinking you had a nice round plump firm manly arse….hahahahahahahaha


  2. buy a full length mirror from ikea for maximum gratitude.


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