hooray hooray …the 1st of may… outdoor sex begins today.

sorry about the title of this post, sweethearts …..i couldn’t help myself.

feeling ill

this is just a quick post to give you some new music.
i suppose this is some sort of hangover song
i was heading home on the tube train after a wild day on the town recently, and felt a little bit blue.
i figured this is the price i pay for instant self gratification,
and i was thinking the times i feel best or most happy are when i’m being of better service to myself,or at least being of service to other people instead…


tube trains are a great place to take self council…especially if they’re empty,and you catch that defused reflection of yourself in the window opposite.
i’m tired of feeling like crap when i don’t need to….it’s not just about exercise or diet or too much inebriation ….
it’s just…sometimes wanting this..wanting that……thrill seeking on the tired old scene…want want want..
there’s more happiness at home cleaning the toilet…working on a new song…singing….giving the dog a good brush (which he loves)…helping or being generous to someone else…
that’s were the good feeling resides.


hooray hooray the 1st of may…outdoor sex begins today…
mary… and her dog..after the war.
home sweet home
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20 Responses to hooray hooray …the 1st of may… outdoor sex begins today.

  1. Marty Lucas says:

    Hi Mary,

    Enjoyed your posts about your youthful musical career…and the clip of you playing that pink guitar with Rosetta Stone. There was a little whiff of the coming new wave there…like with Cheap Trick or maybe the Tubes.

    Marty L.


    • hi marty..i’m glad you enjoy those posts..they’re a trip to write..unravelling it all into an orderly read n’all..it’s almost a form of therapy…funnily enough cheap trick were already huge…this band and cheap trick had both sold out several nights at the budokan in tokyo round the same time,but that was a year before i joined them…it’s lovely that someone as artistic as yourself reads these…you make such fine music.


  2. Richard malpas says:

    Your words are so true;…..’ You tie yourself down with a mountain of possessions with the deluded hope they will get you through…’…there is more to life…another great read..


    • amazing….you genuinely know the lyrics to my songs,richie…so nice for a writer to know real music lovers listen for real.


      • Richard malpas says:

        I could mime along every word, ( apart from the complicated bit towards the end…)….the lyrics are so strong. I must say it is one of my favourite songs of yours….It’s so bloody clever…


  3. Tim says:

    Ditto to Rich’s post. Hoping one day to hear Lover brother Friend on here. Re outdoor sex, watch out for the gnats luv.


    • no need to worry about the gnats tim…i never have sex lying down….i prefer to be standing up….with my army boots still on….do you prefer it lying down sweetheart?…wearing your ankles as earrings?..try it standing up….treat yourself !


  4. Tim says:

    Which guitar are you using on this GG…lovely tone but doesn’t sound like the Gretsch


    • mainly the gretsch tim ,but it’s got effects on it,which is why it doesn’t sound the way it usually does…usually i just have it clean…there’s an acoustic in there too.


  5. Neil Harvey says:

    Hi Mary
    Love the tv bit. I prefer your version of Loving arms,
    As for people like Richard malpas who know your words, I am sure he is not the only one,
    I can sing many of them from begining to end,and frequentley do.
    Don`t be surprised,Your songs are great..
    And yes helping others, or being with the ones who love you for the man you are, is what makes life worth living.
    Peace Neil.


  6. hi neil…..i can’t help but be surprised that anyone knows the words to my songs…i’ve been at sea with this for such a long time,that the best way to keep going forward is by accepting that what i do isn’t leaving much of an impression….but then someone like you or richie comes along with kind and real acknowledgement,and it just surprises and blows me away how you know my music so well…when i was younger the disappointment of not reaching a big big audience used to crush me hard…and that can take the wind out of the sails…the only way to get over that so i could continue to write was to accept that very few folk are out there listening,and that it’s okay…
    i hope your weekend is good neil…lovely to hear from you.xxx


  7. Blue Lotus Jazz says:

    We just found you today Mary…spent our Saturday night loving it, Burning Bridges put my man in tears…you are Amazing…Love from two Humboldt County jazz musicians…and Thank You for telling it like it is!!!!


    • my my…what a thrill to read that,first thing in the morning when i go to check my email…thank you so much….now i must google ‘blue lotus jazz’


    • dear nalini and dave..you are beautiful players..as i get older i’m finding myself drawn to lovely players like herb ellis and barney kessel,and you have all that type of thing going on…. you are fine fine players…so nice that you like my ‘burning bridges’ song.


  8. Marty Lucas says:

    Hi Mary,

    Been enjoying your blog pieces…haven’t commented because there are too many hoops to jump through, but they come in my e-mail and I read ’em all.

    Hope 2017 is a great year for you and yours. Getting weird here in the USA, but I trust we’ll get past it.

    all the best, Marty Lucas


    • that’s heartwarming that you’d write and let me know you read these things…cheers marty…america will be fine..it’ll get through the weirdness…that new pres is nothing like all the kind open hearted americans that i know, and i know america fairly well…it’s a great place…he’ll come and he’ll go,and there’ll be better times ahead…it’s weird here too,as i’m sure you’ll know…here’s to you and your music marty xxx


  9. I am so glad I came upon this site..so interesting..thank you.


  10. Anonymous says:

    So pleased you are ending the writings of my late partner Mary cigarettes. There will be no more as he died just two years ago . His passing will be marked at some point with an album.


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