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love songs

for the longest time i figured writing love songs was some sort of cop out, but now i’m thinking there surely must be a reason why our world is flooded with them… maybe this is who we are. in spite … Continue reading

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time is not cheap anymore

at the beginning of last year i posted everyday on wordpress, and then by the time spring came i just drifted outdoors without returning cause good sun had arrived… anyway.. today i’m posting a new song and i hope you … Continue reading

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english paparazzi

one reason i took up photography and started writing short stories up here on wordpress was that it might feed directly back into my main concern which is songwriting. every decade or so i find myself a bit lost.. it’s … Continue reading

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a single parent mother

of all things,i found myself writing a song about a single parent mother. you maybe know this girl.. her troublesome kids are young adults now,but still live at home…while no spring chicken herself, she’s still young enough to rock n … Continue reading

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funeral for a tree.

we once had a low hanging fruity apple tree in our back garden, where upon a set of musical wind chimes rang happily in the breeze,but one day last year we woke to find it lying dead on the ground…to … Continue reading

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you give love a good name

one of the things i adore about modern technology is how it allows folk to work together easily, without always having to be in the same town. this is my music set to some glorious footage that a fellow artist … Continue reading

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a day in the life …tuesday 19th june 2012…yoko ono

i’d been in the house for far too long this summer writing songs, and decided i needed to get out for the day and soak up some life.. a friend of mine had given me an invite to the private … Continue reading

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final dairy entry from the southern california desert and beyond…goin home…on our way home…late november 2011

i missed my flight…i was grooving on the medical marijuana with the retired american airforce pilot oh yes..the loverly medical marijuana..once again california is at the bleeding edge of try-outs for the human race, over these last five years or … Continue reading

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