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dark and tender

here’s a dark and tender photograph i took last autumn.. her name is mandana. she fled the 1976 revolution in iran and descended on soho at the age of sixteen where she now runs her own private members club… it … Continue reading

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the orangemen and woman of london

i was born in Northern Ireland, where the orangemen and woman who take to the streets with accordions and drums are very different from the ones around here in soho ……..¬†harry krishna for the weekend everybody¬†

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hairdressers and barbers

spare a thought for hairdressers and barbers, who unlike too many other professionals, are solely in the business of making everybody look good. last summer i made the leap from taking photographs on my portabelle electronic telephone, and acquired a … Continue reading

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beryl’s sandwich bar

beryl deliberately got pregnant at sixteen. the crush she had on jimmy overwhelmed her, and when the blood hit the fan, not only did her parents move home to separate the young lovers by four hundred miles, she was also … Continue reading

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georgie fame at ronnie scotts

i know it’s an awfully strident thing to say,but this was maybe my most enjoyable night of live music ever… excuse me dear reader for indulging,but i’m typing away here in an effort to fully communicate the feelgood i felt … Continue reading

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baby’s broken neon crown.

there’s a certain melancholy about neon…something beyond it’s own surface joy. it could be her history of broken promises,or her flock of deluded dreamers searching for a better life on the rain soaked pink blue pavement. i see death there … Continue reading

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