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time is not cheap anymore

at the beginning of last year i posted everyday on wordpress, and then by the time spring came i just drifted outdoors without returning cause good sun had arrived… anyway.. today i’m posting a new song and i hope you … Continue reading

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political without trying

as i continue to dip my woefully amateur toe into photography, a thing i’m noticing is oftentimes when i feel i’ve snapped dull pictures, i flick through them on the train ride home, and discover how the camera lens was … Continue reading

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new years eve weather man

well that’s all from me angela grippon and the rest of the news team..i now pass you over to colin calendar for our weather, reporting tonight from the edges of time. hello colin luv…what’s in store for us on this … Continue reading

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i can’t stand this referendum, and i wish it wasn’t happening because i don’t think we the general public are qualified to make an informed choice over something so complex and crucial. if all of us were given a short … Continue reading

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i feel embarrassed by my own baby boomer generation..we’re the ones that should know better..we brandish our loud long haired classic rock records,but behind it we’re just like our parents..twitching the net curtains,allergic to change and colour…dear reader,i hope you … Continue reading

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marriage or civil partnership

i can’t actually remember the date we got civil partnered… march.. april…..five maybe six years ago. but i do have this photograph taken of us after the paperwork,that took all of fifteen minutes. we’re certainly not gonna subject each other … Continue reading

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david bowie and ian paisley in the 1970’s

as much as i was never one for falling into line,i can’t help but doff my hat along with everyone else to david bowie on his 65th birthday. y’know the first time i saw him on telly i didn’t quite … Continue reading

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