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hairdressers and barbers

spare a thought for hairdressers and barbers, who unlike too many other professionals, are solely in the business of making everybody look good. last summer i made the leap from taking photographs on my portabelle electronic telephone, and acquired a … Continue reading

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nancy’s pearl necklace

nancy had been sleeping deeply when she woke up with a strange feeling around and below her neckline ….. when she realised what it was, all she could do was scream … damn but it suits you so good, exclaimed … Continue reading

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cornelia having a shit in the woods

of all the divas, cornelia was the most elegant and airbrushed.. a marvellous example of edited image in the name of maximum market reach. she’s a perfect blend of mythology and plausibility .. her singing voice warm and real, yet … Continue reading

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the decades of our lives

a silly thing i remember about the 1980’s was the overuse of ‘absolutely’.. many media minions hijacked that word for all they were worth, figuring it would give them a veneer of gravitas. every bloody reply was absolutely this or … Continue reading

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derek boshier

the other day we went into london to see a derek boshier exhibition. do you know him?..he’s the one who designed that great sleeve for bowie’s lodger. his peers are people like peter blake who did the sgt peppers album … Continue reading

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georgie fame at ronnie scotts

i know it’s an awfully strident thing to say,but this was maybe my most enjoyable night of live music ever… excuse me dear reader for indulging,but i’m typing away here in an effort to fully communicate the feelgood i felt … Continue reading

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the ace cafe in north london

last week i fell in love with a roadside cafe..it’s funny how many with music in their veins, fall head over heal for houses like these,and here’s maybe why..back in the 1950’s,the only places to hear records loudly were on … Continue reading

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Chris Stein’s photography exhibition

somerset house up the strand in central london is one gem of a place to hang out .. right now they’ve got an ice rink in the central courtyard with giddy folk falling on their arses,while others, even in wheelchairs, … Continue reading

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hey there beautiful…shine for marys camera.

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high tea at browns hotel in mayfair.

i have been laid up in bed for the whole of the christmas holiday. but i did get one chance just before it all went tits up to go out with thomas and enjoy one of our favourite things…high tea … Continue reading

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