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car boot sale

jayne huddersfield handled her overnight fame with notable ease when america overdosed on high gloss glamour, and began emotionally/financially investing in a new wave of grittier european talent….hard looking girls with tiny tits and gawky features, alongside young men with … Continue reading

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one afternoon in tijuana

in 1990, i was just at the end of a summer long stay at the riot house hotel on sunset strip. my favourite place to hang at the time was a leather bar on santa monica boulevard called the spike.. … Continue reading

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dead rock star money

am i the only one who laughed rather than felt angry when sony instantly doubled the price of whitney downloads the moment she slipped away? what i found even funnier was how they said it was *mistakenly mispriced*….. such a … Continue reading

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death … fame and whitney houston

i loathed the sound of whitney houston records.the power ballad shlock she peddled out ad nauseum represented everything i hated about the late 20th century record business.it was only later when whitney got some dirt under her fingernails that i … Continue reading

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curzon street

my favourite time to go into london has always been early mid week…not the weekends…on a mild evening when life is slower, it all unfolds a lot friendlier around the senses…so last night i went in to see that movie … Continue reading

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final dairy entry from the southern california desert and beyond…goin home…on our way home…late november 2011

i missed my flight…i was grooving on the medical marijuana with the retired american airforce pilot oh yes..the loverly medical marijuana..once again california is at the bleeding edge of try-outs for the human race, over these last five years or … Continue reading

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