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ikea record shelves

a closely knit global community of vinyl purchasing hipsters had a meltdown discovering supermarkets now stock their onetime niche product.. big black gramophone discs are turning up on shelves in sainsburys, urban outfitters and john lewis.. and talking of shelves..this … Continue reading

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clifford.. the high end hairdresser

a high end woman tried and failed to have clifford fired. on a sunny afternoon she came in with her hair up in one high pony tail, and asked clifford what he thought of it, and he said  “it’s nice, … Continue reading

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the decades of our lives

a silly thing i remember about the 1980’s was the overuse of ‘absolutely’.. many media minions hijacked that word for all they were worth, figuring it would give them a veneer of gravitas. every bloody reply was absolutely this or … Continue reading

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alexander mcqueen… kate moss.. and b.p fallon.

there’s a hologram of kate moss at the alexander mcqueen exhibition in the victoria and albert museum…..at first it felt like a ghost of kate, but then i realised it was the ghost of mcqueen…you’re looking at kate, but all … Continue reading

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bob dylan in an art gallery

y’know that story of someone shouting judas at dylan in the royal albert hall for playing an electric guitar instead of his old acoustic one? well apparently it’s a myth…what really happened was some chap with a lisp on the balcony … Continue reading

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