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the decades of our lives

a silly thing i remember about the 1980’s was the overuse of ‘absolutely’.. many media minions hijacked that word for all they were worth, figuring it would give them a veneer of gravitas. every bloody reply was absolutely this or … Continue reading

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derek boshier

the other day we went into london to see a derek boshier exhibition. do you know him?..he’s the one who designed that great sleeve for bowie’s lodger. his peers are people like peter blake who did the sgt peppers album … Continue reading

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alexander mcqueen… kate moss.. and b.p fallon.

there’s a hologram of kate moss at the alexander mcqueen exhibition in the victoria and albert museum…..at first it felt like a ghost of kate, but then i realised it was the ghost of mcqueen…you’re looking at kate, but all … Continue reading

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making music videos with an iPhone

i’ve just shot a music video on my bloody iPhone, so i figured i might try and write something around all of that….. so here goes, dollies. in olden days when i was young enough to get signed to record … Continue reading

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allen jones and clockwork orange

that photograph above is mary in the mens toilets at the royal academy of arts. the lighting in this wonderfully well considered interior is so dramatic,it felt wrong not to take a picture of her in there for sharing with … Continue reading

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baby’s broken neon crown.

there’s a certain melancholy about neon…something beyond it’s own surface joy. it could be her history of broken promises,or her flock of deluded dreamers searching for a better life on the rain soaked pink blue pavement. i see death there … Continue reading

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artists … scrambled or fried?

who needs artists? .. i think it was bruce springsteen who once said it’s the taxi drivers and the folk working long shifts in a hot kitchens who are the real heroes of this world…and he’s right…without food transport or hospitals, … Continue reading

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