oldsters in the city

img_3001i used to believe london was a young person’s sport, but i was wrong. fearless oldsters ride in on a crystal clear agenda, knowing what they want and where to get it with a minimal amount of fuss. they know their restaurants, theatres and drinking dens. age means they pace their day … young folk could learn a lot from them, instead of skidding about or falling flat on their backsides, guessing all over the surface of fun city.img_2988-3Version 2image1-3

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london savoy

img_3335last summer while sat at a bar in the savoy drinking bellini made from pear rather than apricot, i casually mentioned to the cocktail waiter how beautiful a commonplace thing like ice is. he then replied by telling me how his ice was no ordinary ice. there are in fact a bundle of variants, but the one that i was referring to looked so good because unlike regular cubes, his block is constantly stirred all the way down to freezing…this removes all air bubbles and makes the ice far more dense, which means it doesn’t dissolve when being rattled around in a cocktail shaker… also, because of the glassy clearness and slower melt, it is this variant that is sourced for ice sculpture.

have you never been to the savoy doris?.. well you should go.. treat yerself for god’s sake. img_3194

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unwanted attention

img_5340in times like these, where it feels like the whole world is taking a selfie of itself, i find the bemused glare of citizens rejecting attention make for a far more compelling photograph. their reluctance renders them credible, unlike whores like me, who forever ache to give a camera lens a generous blowjob.Version 2

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the honeymoon period

Version 2

there’s a honeymoon period in men’s lives where they’re just about old enough to know their way around town, yet young enough with stamina to ride the thing. life’s dead simple as they mooch around, hermetically sealed off inside their spendy wendy headphones. it’s all about the clothes records hair drink drugs and girls.. nothing else.


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emotional spectrum

Version 2

one of the many fun things about going out fishing with a camera is no matter how fixed your agenda, you always end up with lucky shots born out of pure chance.

i love the polarity here between the kid and young adult. he’s happy as larry, while already the weight of the world colours her pretty face. alas, life becomes all too serious a business


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car crash in summer

Version 3

one ultra sunny day last summer, as we cruised along the english motorway system with our roof down, my camera caught this freshly toppled car… a policewoman comforted a very very young girl pacing around in a summer frock…by the look of her, she could have been headed to the seaside for a jolly time…but then suddenly this…

it’s the oddest thing… all could be going great, and then boom… reality changes in a flash… a dumb part of me wants to believe bad news is for bad weather.. not for summer days on the way to the coast.

francis bacon the brave mind that he was, once said there is great beauty in a car crash. shards of splintered glass strewn across a rainy road.. abstract splashes of fresh red blood. it takes a consummate artist to make those raw admissions, though no doubt if you’re there in the thick of it, it’d be a lot harder to see the terrible beauty of things.

Version 2

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street photography

img_1558-1even though i’ve acquired a fancy camera, i’d be mad to underrate the value of the one in my iPhone. it might not function too well in low light, but on a bright day it’s amazing… the great thing about phone cameras is they’re commonplace. everybody’s holding one, which means it’s easier to remain inconspicuous in order to catch a lively moment. that’s a major plus with street photography. it kills me to say this, but my favourite shot so far was on a bloody dollyphone. i love the intense dynamic between the younger and older woman. there are no filters on the colour shot. i only cropped it…ta ta.img_1558-2

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