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clifford.. the high end hairdresser

a high end woman tried and failed to have clifford fired. on a sunny afternoon she came in with her hair up in one high pony tail, and asked clifford what he thought of it, and he said  “it’s nice, … Continue reading

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retired radio presenter

standing by the chunky soundproofed exit door for the very last time, alan lane surveys the pale blue room from where he broadcasted forty years worth of late night radio talk show. there is no sadness, only gratitude and exhaustion. … Continue reading

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fiona in makeup

the green room’s boring.. everyone prefers hanging out with fiona in makeup.. it feels like a busy kitchen in there only with walls of mirror and bright lights. all our crew adore fifi. she can handle stars no matter how … Continue reading

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shopping list

 okay bruv.. i’m not gonna bovver asking you to share in the rent, cause you’re not gonna be here long enough ARE YOU, but while you’re wasting time stealing all my kit kats from the fridge, the least you can do is run … Continue reading

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love letter found by battersea bridge

“dear winnie..just because i’ve let my guard down and opened up to you completely, doesn’t make it acceptable to use me for your emotional toilet. without a moments warning, when we’re out on the town, you turn off the neon, … Continue reading

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i love the eurovision song contest

i never watch the show..wayyy too long, but i love the central idea of it. for me it’s like a version of the olympic games only far more fey. when i think about the constipated nimbys who want britain to … Continue reading

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bye bye david

 i’m imagining those last quiet minutes, maybe by the bed in their home, or outside on a corridor of a hospital where for a moment no one knew, and then perhaps duncan or iman drawing a deep breath before making … Continue reading

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when great singers grow old ( bob dylan at the royal albert hall )

of all musicians on a stage, the ones who’ll have the trickiest time in later years are singers. it can be fairly uncomfortable watching a creature over sixty who had spunky hit records forty years ago trying to pull it … Continue reading

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vinyl records

i’m thinking of buying a duffle coat. i want to walk around my local area wearing a duffle coat with a copy of ‘bridge over troubled water’ tucked under my arm in the pouring rain. maybe then, if i can … Continue reading

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