english paparazzi

img_3285one reason i took up photography and started writing short stories up here on wordpress was that it might feed directly back into my main concern which is songwriting. every decade or so i find myself a bit lost.. it’s not a writers block, but the inclination does vanish. it’s not a fun feeling, although the years have taught me not to panic. a good idea is to just go outside and have an ice cream among people and take some pictures… i have found photography to be a great tonic for the making of music.. it opens my eyes to the world around me, offering new images and ideas for lyrics.

when i’m out and about in london with my camera i often look just above street level.. it’s a gas what’s on view if you lift the eyes up toward the first or second floor of the buildings.

here’s hoping you enjoy my new song

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10 Responses to english paparazzi

  1. Dawn Redmond says:

    Beautiful song, and so good to hear your voice and music again xx


  2. Tim says:

    Love the new song GG


  3. SimonJ68 says:

    Outstanding 🙂
    And I was just following you on instagram as I love your garden!!

    Superb tune,


  4. Neil Harvey says:

    Love English Paparazzi. Beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

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