car crash in summer

Version 3

one ultra sunny day last summer, as we cruised along the english motorway system with our roof down, my camera caught this freshly toppled car… a policewoman comforted a very very young girl pacing around in a summer frock…by the look of her, she could have been headed to the seaside for a jolly time…but then suddenly this…

it’s the oddest thing… all could be going great, and then boom… reality changes in a flash… a dumb part of me wants to believe bad news is for bad weather.. not for summer days on the way to the coast.

francis bacon the brave mind that he was, once said there is great beauty in a car crash. shards of splintered glass strewn across a rainy road.. abstract splashes of fresh red blood. it takes a consummate artist to make those raw admissions, though no doubt if you’re there in the thick of it, it’d be a lot harder to see the terrible beauty of things.

Version 2

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