amazing trade

30DF599400000578-0-image-a-159_1454604871374.jpgon a quiet rural railway station, on one of two back to back platforms, a dear old lady overheard a private conversation between two edgy urban homosexuals wafting over from the other side, and nearly died of heart failure..

a part of me is yelling to run for the hills, but i just don’t want to.. i can’t get enough of him. he’s amazing trade, although to be honest sandra, it’s rarely in a fookin bed. he slams me up against walls, pushes me up against railings, throws me on kitchen tables where i end up wearing me ankles for earrings… it destroys furniture and blows away the day when there’s a million other things that need tending.. when he’s drunk it gets quite scary, but kind of thrilling at the same time? …it’s like he becomes twice his size.. his voice heavies up and everything’s bloody marvellous sandra…. he says i egg him on.. well maybe i do… but life is so dull these days..  it pisses some much needed cold lime into my flat warm lager.. he keeps telling me he’s straight and i do believe him. he’s bound to leave, so why not enjoy the cunt while i can.

sandra,( real name simon) replied …

oh i agree luv….. as you know, i’ve had the exact same thing happen to me on numerous occasions… it’ll happen again too i’m sure…loads of lazy straight fellas who’d fuck a cracked plate if it meant someone else was there to throw their knickers in the washing machine for them. enjoy it while it lasts luv…… awwwwwwww bless….. he sounds gorgeous doris (real name david)

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