the golden age of conversation

club2when mister trump became what he became, pundits predicted a spunky new counter culture that would breath fresh life into the dead genre of rock and roll, trail-blazed by a stick thin million dollar protest singer… herds of fluffy tops and long hair..  lots of tuning in turning on and dropping out, but they were wrong…. music by now was overwhelmed by too many other things to get a foothold in people’s minds the way it once did… pop life had overdosed on it’s own party tricks, and the frenetic clicking around on hand held devices meant no one really invested the time in any one artist the way they once had when living was limited and less sophisticated…indeed most fame suckers tasted dull and underwhelming compared to the handful of unhinged film makers and conceptual artists,who were the only ones in modern media capable of puncturing the skin of punters. people continued dancing but word was finally out that computers had been pretty much self generating the rhythm and noise for sometime. software became the superstar of the ballrooms.

however, there was one pure base art form that trumped the lot, and that was the ancient pagan act of conversation. by design it is permanently interactive, real time, and above, all it cannot be bottled.. it flies in the face of commerce cause there’s no blockbuster way of making money out of it… it lives in the moment over coffee beer and muffins.

so then as we sailed close to the end of that president’s never ending three month tenure, we looked back on crowded kitchens and evening verandas where citizens of the world did nothing but talk to one another. it was the only respite from the gadgets we held in our hands that only made us anxious. in company we came offline before mindlessly going back on again when alone.. in each others presence we spoke of many things.. exploring unexplored ideas..anything to make us laugh or connect… something sacred we didn’t have to pay for.. those who couldn’t or wouldn’t talk were deemed square, and the young children who keenly listening in, were hothoused in a way previous generations were not, therefor a decent future president was highly likely.. someone with soft power… a wonder mensch who we could all buy into, encouraging us to leave down our shopping lists and make do when the belt was pulled in tight for the taxing ice age that followed, before a new dawn where all things toxic were finally filtered out. around 2073 humans finally became the elegant freewheelin species they never promised to be. it was a seriously glamrock year.

how great for those who lived to witness that amazing new phase in time, but alas that was for our children’s children’s children.

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