car boot sale

american-women-in-jeans-and-boots-during-the-1940s-4jayne huddersfield handled her overnight fame with notable ease when america overdosed on high gloss glamour, and began emotionally/financially investing in a new wave of grittier european talent….hard looking girls with tiny tits and gawky features, alongside young men with receding hairlines, unable to fill the crotch in their trousers the way fitter meatier men can. they were lean and riveting on screen. perfect for a bleak new era.

she’d only been out in hollywood for a couple of years, and one day into a third movie she sat in her airy open plan kitchen, figuring this experience could be a whole lot more fun than it is. her big beverly hills house was a crashing bore, so she decided to sell everything and start from scratch before going any further down the line…jayne loved the success, but the heavy trappings had to go, so miss huddersfield gathered everyone involved, and officially told her staff the high maintenance of a large house along with other property investments weren’t the clever plan everyone was telling her they are. she then fired them all, except for one super smart assistant who stayed with her down a long road of movie making.

car boot sales on the front grass of beverly hills houses are forbidden, but jayne went ahead anyway, and the curtain twitching neighbours, just like the ones back in yorkshire couldn’t resist a sniff around her terrific english trinkets splayed out over the manicured lawn.. she only did that car boot sale to fuck with theĀ nestbuilders heads, and they nearly died when she tossed the keys of the house to an old mexican cleaning lady who’ d been cleaning that sodding container for decades…

jayne then dandered down and away from beverly hills in the winter sunshine with only the clothes on her body, one fully updated iPhone, american express and identity cards tucked deep in her front pocket. she flagged a passing city cab and booked into her favourite hotel overlooking sunset boulevard, and that’s how the maverick lived for the rest of her fruitful life. all she ever owned from that point on was a second pair of levis and a packet of fresh haines crew neck t-shirts, along with good quality biker boots. her life remained youthfully fluid, with no extraneous obligations, and jayne huddersfield the world’s greatest movie actress was left to fully concentrate on the work she loved doing with no pesky encumbrance.


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