rude people

627b1656b5f5f76b245ccd8b0e6b8ac0a curious development in our devolution was the slow death of truth.. duplicity became a key tool that qualified us socially and professionally..warm friendly good looking people shamelessly spewed forth unspeakable fiction regarding others to upgrade their own situation, and to denigrate that of others.. over dinner tables in restaurants the one with the will to create marketable scandal held more capitol than he or she holding the credit card that paid for food and milkshakes at the end of an evening’s entertainment.

in turn, a far edgier exclusive cognoscenti was born out of this,whereby rude rougher looking people were perceived as vessels of authenticity .. cliques you could finally believe in again..small coteries of men and woman in extremely well judged garments languished in clusters along our glacier skylines, and when a plebula of urban sycophants attempted to penetrate their impenetrable bubble they’d get told in strong words to go away and die. rudeness became a thing of style, all knowing and a measure of class … if you looked wrong or smelled like shit, these straight edgers wasted no time telling you so… even if you looked fantastic and smelled sublime.

the proletariat, now known as plebula or plebulites, were always prone to various levels of innate sycophancy, but have now mistakenly adopted this extreme rudeness as a cry for love, as well as an accessory to their own upward mobility.. nearly everyone is relishing being vile to one another with roughly three weeks left before mankind crumbles in on itself, leaving planet earth scorched and smoking…in the long term this is not a problem…the soil detoxifies naturally, and the landscape replenishes and blossoms once again, only with a more robust hold on its fundamental utopian qualities, due to an absolute absence of a human race, who may or may not return…i can’t tell…please forgive me.. my limited vision can only see a couple of hundred light years down the line.

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