time.. is waiting in the wings.

house-1by the end of 2017, our world believed it had a new awfully modern problem on it’s hands with iPhone and tablet addiction. no one was walking around with their hands free anymore.. it was doing strange things like giving citizens bad posture while they relentlessly hunched over little glass screens, and even the luddites who still used the old slimline laptops were noticing muscle wastage around the upper thigh and gluteus maximus. indeed their sedentary lifestyles were creating all sorts of bizarre health problems, but the main issues were social and psychological …people became aggressive and irritable when unable to connect to their satellites of social media love. clubs bars and shops closed down in direct submission to the new phenomenon of mainstream culture becoming evermore virtual and ingrown.

for a while many folk attempted distancing themselves from their electronic accessories in order to live more in the moment…the most notable of these were the ones who’d carry it through for over a year. their physical health and posture improved a lot, but intellectually and technically they’d fall dangerously behind. they often caused accidental chaos in the workplace by not being up to speed with everybody else…culturally they gradually became stagnant, and eventually they felt horribly overwhelmed by newer emerging technologies, much like when a long term prisoner comes out into the world and can’t cope with all the unfathomable freeway noise.

an athletic balance between the physical world and the virtual one became a crucial skill.

somewhere along the way a wider perspective was adopted which fully recognised the miracle that is modern technology…we now shamelessly celebrate the democratisation of technology, information, education and culture…it is hilariously humiliating for the privileged ones of yesteryear who now have it proven to them how the potential of those not born with access or silver spoons in their mouths, are in fact absolutely equal, if not even more vital, due to essential hunger and fire in their bellies. this is very much the case for the rather dull underwhelming royal family. they argue and panic about it daily around the old antique dinner table.

a mind-blowing advance was the development of age reversal technology. by transforming common blood cells into stem cells, fatal diseases are now curable so the average lifespan of a human can go well into the hundreds.. of course this has the potential to create a worldwide population crisis, therefor humans have to qualify for stem cell therapy first by bringing something remarkable and profound to the table of humanity. money is no longer enough. game changing ideas are now the golden currency, and time is the most revered of all status symbols. no one cares anymore what car you drive…fast cars are mere utility vehicles.. and because humans are survivalists by nature, this brings about a new breed of elite, who have time in the bank, rather than mere money.

one day, with more land on other planets, this incredible club hope to democratise time and make it available for the rest of us.

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4 Responses to time.. is waiting in the wings.

  1. lloydsloops says:

    there is a rythm to your writing
    which is unquenchably of poem or lyric
    word reverberating against word
    sentance floors and ceilings
    beautiful writing


  2. You are a creative writing machine lately. My mental numbness appreciates the kick in the ass.


    • happy new year david…you feel to much to ever be numb…you’re just busy frying other equally important fish…your own words will flow in their good time…say hello to your loving smiling piano player for me xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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