the goalkeeper

4177848-3x2-940x627mike langford, a good looking centre forward was getting more and more ugly with every goal he scored.. he’d come from a very gritty basic background and was an absolute sweetheart until all the money and power shat down on him..

steve atkinson, a dark quiet thickly set intelligent man, loved his supporting role as a goalie, and on the most crucial match of the season, deliberately let the other side bang balls into his goal. afterwards in the changing room he felt the full force of his team coming down on him and had to escape, flanked by security guards.

a few days later he wrote an open letter to the team and manager explaining his actions.

dear’re the prettiest star, so this is for you mainly…. you’ve turned into an absolute cunt, although it’s not totally your fault…no one comes from the background we’ve come from and handles this without some degree of guidance, and you’re getting none.. you’re dangerous now… if you don’t kill yourself, you’ll possibly kill someone else…you’re a great footballer and a careless driver of high end fast cars.. i’m just glad you haven’t got a taste for drugs, cause i’ve been watching from way back over here, and i’m scared …that’s why i let all those goals in…i wanted to land your aeroplane for a won’t ruin your career…i just wanted to give you a little bit of time to understand all this money and power, cause that cigar chomping manager won’t…. he humours you, but in his eyes you’re only a commodity…but i care..we come from the same hard background. 

no one wants steve for a goalkeeper anymore..he even had to leave england for his own safety. his new life resides way up in the far north of scotland teaching buddhism and transcendental mediation to super rich american moguls mainly from the film industry…his reputation is so far reaching, they fly in on little private planes and helicopters in the hope of finally finding a way to enjoy the enormous wealth that keeps biting and backfiring on them

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