fun people with crap jobs

d3dbf6aadaaae1d9fa5094911ad57e91rocky had already been fired from one awful job in a shoe shop, where he’d been on his knees for too long in a position that made him feel like he was worshipping the feet of folk trying on everything, but buying fuck all. the only reason he’d fallen quickly into new work at a levi wrangler store up the hill was cause the manager fancied him. he looked natural and fantastic in full blue indigo denim.. cute as buttons..italian..stalky with a stubby nose.

young men in their mid twenties can be hard going..they know enough to feel confident, yet not enough to know when to keep their mouths shut….it wasn’t long before rocky realised there’s no difference between a shoe or a denim store…close up they’re both the exact same drag..  endless customers taking something off to try something on and not always smelling so great, while once again you’re down on your knees, only this time adjusting the hemline of yet another pair of levis in a slightly different cut from the ones goes on all day long. it’s murder.

there’s one particular scenario that truly gets on rocky’s’s when self absorbed shoppers do this thing of trying figure hugging jeans on, and then turning sideways while looking over a shoulder in the mirror to see how their backside looks..rocky doesn’t so much mind when a woman does this, but when it’s a man, rocky would whisper to the manager…look there goes another fucking fag checking her tired ass in the mirror..

one day a rich queen came in and tried on twelve pairs of jeans but was buying nothing..rocky had gotten used to folding it all back up again before getting it back down off the shelves for the next ..but then the rich queen did that thing of turning sideways while looking over a shoulder towards the mirror to check how his ass looked before casually groaning..yeah..i think i’ll maybe come back later after i’ve made a clear decision….rocky finally snapped…yeah you do that…fuck off and come back after you’ve made a clear decision about what might look good on that rich stinking ass of yours..personally i don’t thing anything’s going to look too great on that tired old thing…maybe something loose and less figure hugging with a fucking elastic band round the waistline… maybe a fucking a bag over your head while i clear up this mountain of denim too young and small for you anyway.. i’ll just clear this crap up and get it back on the shelves while you fuck off and have a coffee with lulu….

the customer nearly shat himself and did the predictable thing of threatening to whip up a storm on the internet. how dare you talk to me like that blah blah blah….the manager stepped in and told the rich queen to do whatever he had to’ll be your word against ours, and besides, we’re pretty good at talking back, as you’ve just seen…so y’know...

having saved himself and rocky from any trouble he took his wild card out for lunch……  for fuck sake go easy’s funny as hell, but’ll land us all in deep shit  …… rocky took it all on board and his manners with crap costumers improved immediately and tenfold…if he had’ve chosen to punish the highly spirited nightmare, it would’ve been self defeating ..but by seeing things from his side, and the funny side, it somehow upped the game for everyone….

that guy sure knew how to manager a levi store.

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