nancy’s pearl necklace


nancy had been sleeping deeply when she woke up with a strange feeling around and below her neckline ….. when she realised what it was, all she could do was scream … damn but it suits you so good, exclaimed stanley …. nancy sprang up out of bed and dashed over to the ensuite bathroom mirror to have a look…oh sure know how to treat a woman….how do i look stan?.. real classy nancy … sassy and classy all at the same time… oh placed them there while i was sleeping… i was wondering what that feeling was when i woke up..  it feels so good honey….well i’m glad you like it nancy…you deserve it so’re my qween and i want you to wake up every morning of your life with gods early light glistening and bouncing off those precious pearls…every morning y’hear?!…they’re all yours darling…from me to you…from deep down inside of me…. a genuine token of the way i feel about you….you’re my woman and i’m your man…and if you ever loose them down the plughole of life, don’t you worry baby…i’m a rich man and can easily replenish you in a moment.. there’s plenty more where they came from… i got so much to offer..i got so much love to give..make no mistake…believe me nancy….oh i do stanley i do. hold on nancy..let me go get the polaroid camera…i wanna take some pictures so we never forget this special moment…nancy threw long tresses of hair back which had gotten tangled among pearls. she placed a strand of them in her mouth, fingering and rubbing them on her bare skin, all the time smiling sheepishly and directly into the camera while stanley snapped and snapped a hundred pictures from a hundred different positions and angles..they were so happy.

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