old mensch in the lecture hall


here at a very upscale university.. tubby wexler.. an old mensch from the art world, stopped by on a national tour to share insights with our dim students.. he hit a very keen stride and puked up a swimming pool of randomised liquid gold…

“Glen is a unique musician with fast hands, but that doesn’t make him good on the ear. Linda gave of herself completely while making love and it was an unrelenting ordeal for the poor man.. horace went to extreme lengths to keep up appearances but no one even noticed. Right now a very chic organisation in Paris are working on a new perfume. They could easily spend a whole decade fine tuning the stink. Right now it only smells strange and inaccessible.  It may never click into place, and more importantly, if it doesn’t, It won’t crush them.. because in private they’re capable of laughing at themselves. They’re the longest running perfumery in the world, possibly because they’ve got a sense of humour as well as great noses. They won’t let the work crush them. You might not intellectually respect the one you’re physically attracted towards. teams of men in boardrooms who like each other, fall out and destroy everything in the throes of trite quarrels. comfortable trust fund kids often think it’s somehow a given they’ll inherit their fathers business acumen. folk who aren’t taken seriously, quietly turn big important corners on days where it looks they’re going nowhere or getting nothing done.” 

then twenty five minutes into this verbal shagging, tubby lost his whirling dervish thread…he spluttered for a bit.. keeled over on stage and died of a heart attack…most of our students recall that a whole lot more than the actual substance of his words.. which proves his point entirely.

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