job application rejection letter.


hello danny..

usually i leave it to my business affairs department to send out any rejection letters, but i simply had to deal with yours personally, and hopefully privately.

when you breezed into our boardroom you blew windows through those dark sun deprived walls. i can’t even begin to express how much i loath those brown and cream suede upholstered walls i’m obligated to inhabit every tuesday afternoon, especially during summer, but you filled my dreary winter day with pure light.. i’ve never seen an interview stretch out so long, and under the table i was quietly wetting my trousers observing grim colleagues bristle at your bone dry humour and brilliant off the cuff ideas… they were intrigued, though ultimately threatened by you.

danny dear.. i can’t let you throw away your life working around here… it may look successful, but it’s a self defeating organisation relying on past glories. we made a huge mistake merging with a giant during a lean period, and now my hands are tied..i can’t do a thing anymore..i’m a mere figurehead. there’s enough money in this trap to commit any young employee to a five year contract of nothing but pure frustration…i see them come in here all wide eyed, and in no time, they’re husks of their former selves.. you’re special and so darn likeable, i can’t be complicit in breaking that hilarious spirit of yours..  i know jobs are gold dust right now but i implore you to hold out and avoid limiting situations on account of a mere need to be around game changers and trailblazers like you surely are yourself.. i’m old enough now to spot them from the far end of a room with my eyes closed… it’s rare 

here’s the thing danny… from our grey marble mezzanine, i clocked you having an anxious discussion with your girlfriend down on that cold ground floor reception.. i’m guessing money or maintaining a standard of living is an issue here in this expensive town..

so i have an idea….if money is the mind bender for you both, me and my darling wife ofra live in a very spacious townhouse up on the east side, where a swish basement was fully renovated for my 28 year old son benny who died accidentally in 2007… i’d be more than happy for you and your nervous sweetheart to stay their rent free…it’d give financial wiggle room to free up and find employment that won’t sell your potential short for the sake of a dreary wage. it could be fun for you both.

if things turn out like i hope they do, maybe i’ll be the one sending a job application your way in a few years…i know i’m older, but i love working in music related fields, and relish the idea of unlearning everything all over again.. so don’t you dare perceive my offer as a raw act of charity… i too have my own agenda… have my private number now…please keep it so…

best regards… ben silverstein


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1 Response to job application rejection letter.

  1. lloydsloops says:

    just keeps kick’n them out
    like a a true maestro
    that’s what he does


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