adam and the alcopops

mocktailshe drank and drove everyday but never got caught. for twenty years adam the bus driver took kids to and from school without anyone ever getting hurt, but by the time he was in his mid fifties a lot of fatty tissue had built up around his rancid liver, and that was the end of him. it was a short life but his innings weren’t bad. life at least had been intoxicating.

it could have been a lot worse…his hazardous seething vitriol for anyone with the slightest degree of ambition or pretension was smothered under a warm blanket of spiked coca cola cans and fanta bottles, as he merrily drove around town in a cute red bus full of people.

every tom dick and harry came to that funeral..a medicated life had kept the kunt popular.

it’s interesting how some maniacs manage to duck and dive their way from the cradle to the grave. they keep all doctors and nurses out of it..they ignore laws while appearing to obey every single one of them..they do it so well.

adam’s son inherited his fathers hidden flaw without any of the foxiness. he goes through seasons of atonement where he apologises to anyone he ever offended.. it’s an awful style and hasn’t really worked for him. all costumers areĀ obligated to know his dull business, and people like him make you wonder if unmedicated honesty really is the best policy.

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