fiona in makeup

image1the green room’s boring.. everyone prefers hanging out with fiona in makeup.. it feels like a busy kitchen in there only with walls of mirror and bright lights. all our crew adore fifi. she can handle stars no matter how famous or low class or downright rude. johnny fingers from the boomtown rats is in the chair right now being prepared for a quick mime job on the friday night show to promote a new pop single. fifi asks if there’s any particular way he’d like to be made up.. johnny says “make me look like i’ve just had a wank”.. fifi giggles and has a makeup idea which makes him look red hot and sweaty, and while we watch the run-throughs on studio television monitors pinned up high here in every corner of our buzzing room, we all agree that johnny and the rest of the group look great.

fifi’s one pretty girl. blonde and way younger looking than her years..skinny..loves shoes.. mad about taking care of her little back garden after long spells in broadcasting house.. she’s old enough to remember the days of the biba store in west kensington, which is where her love for makeup sparked. she’s fiercely independent.. mortgage in london nearly paid off.

some visitors to our makeup room are extremely posh and everyone tends to wear kid gloves around those sort, but it can be hard sometimes. colin the big butch lighting guy who fancies fiona is always coming in to check up on her incase any cunt is giving her grief, but everyone knows fifi is perfectly capable of looking after herself.. colin loves reminding her of the time some distant royal cousin was in for an interview about lady diana, and boy was this horse a drag. time was running out, but whoever she was, kept demanding the impossible of cosmetics, and in the end fifi just got up and blurted out “listen darling i’m only the make up girl, not a fucking plastic surgeon”… well honestly.. we still laugh like drains about that one to this day, although the toothless toff did threaten to have fifi fired. no way would the producers ever do such a thing.. however, fiona was given an official warning to keep her hair on and stay professional. every now and then fiona gets terrible period pains in her tummy. during that time of the month she’ll be quieter than usual or just focus on work, but she takes evening primrose oil capsules and finds they help a lot.

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    why do I keep thinking


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