i love the eurovision song contest


i never watch the show..wayyy too long, but i love the central idea of it. for me it’s like a version of the olympic games only far more fey. when i think about the constipated nimbys who want britain to leave europe, it makes me love the eurovision song contest even more. i mean.. in these times where so many are talking about building walls and pulling shutters down, here’s this knowingly daft occurrence which finds nations joining hands through the medium of song…it’s almost pagan in the light of that.. a completely harmless outwardly reaching cultural gesture…

a thrilling thought is wondering if it will ever uncover another abba ever again … eurovision did good work for smaller countries in the 1970’s. ireland at a low point felt pride at being correctly perceived as a songwriterly nation because of it… kids in england knew nothing about countries like sweden until abba.. it’s a young persons geography guide by osmosis.

as a seven year old, eurovision gave licence to stay up past bedtime, and was one of the sweetest introductions to the magic of song…i loved puppet on a string…but this one’s the greatest hoot of them all..esther and abi ofarim..

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2 Responses to i love the eurovision song contest

  1. Now you’ve given me a goddamn earworm of Puppet on a String! 🙂


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