a single parent mother

of all things,i found myself writing a song about a single parent mother. you maybe know this girl.. her troublesome kids are young adults now,but still live at home…while no spring chicken herself, she’s still young enough to rock n roll if the occasion should arise, and like anyone who hasn’t lived by the rules, she’s had to be streetwise. if things go tits up she won’t be afraid of packing her bags and moving on…maybe she’ll head to spain and work for an old friend who owns a bar out there… after a million different jobs from barmaid to hotel receptionist, she’s a little jaded …

the single parent i’m writing about in this song maybe just did a nights work in a bar and is late getting up out of bed…she lays there while it rains and pleasures herself thinking about boyfriends from way back…the romance of electric sex in unforgiving places like the back of bike sheds or freezing deserted toilets by the seaside… i’m not afraid to say i see a big chunk of myself in her.

the song’s called ‘full english breakfast’ cause it makes me think of those lovely greasy spoon cafes where you get a good fry up. i’ve eaten in them all my life…i love to sit in those places while a radio plays in the background.. it’s easy to imagine this single parent mother there too. maybe she even works behind the counter.

for the longest time i’ve been interested in the musical arrangements on early records by petula clark, dusty springfield,dionne warwick,and sandie shaw..the whole idea of a rhythm section underpinning an orchestral arrangement is a lot of fun to play with. i’m also fascinated how this sort of production accurately evokes feelings of city life and street people without resorting to loud guitars.

i hope you like my new song. as usual it’s freely downloadable for all readers or music lovers…. mary faery liquid.

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6 Responses to a single parent mother

  1. m says:

    Yep, there is something so precious… in a full english breakfast… i love your allusion to the greats as you mentioned… you know… at the time it was pretty heartening and it still strikes a chord in this old single mum… Thank you dear mary too!

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  2. Thomas Black says:

    Kitchen sink dramatics i like it

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  3. Ron Haselden says:

    Full English Breakfast, I truly love this song and production Mr. Gray. -Ron

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    • thanks ron..i enjoyed writing that song so much…i really like the girl i created in the lyric, and wrote it in a way that would leave her future brighter than her difficult present circumstance…cheers ron.


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