bye bye david

bowie-jagger-1  i’m imagining those last quiet minutes, maybe by the bed in their home, or outside on a corridor of a hospital where for a moment no one knew, and then perhaps duncan or iman drawing a deep breath before making moves to let the news roar like wildfire. dear quickly do you think that news spread around the globe?…once his family flicked the green light switch, it would surely take less than a minute for such sadness to burn its way across a map of the world.

only a few weeks ago i was thinking that if i see one more person superimposing that darn facial lightning strike across themselves or on a wall or a cat, my eyeballs would roll under the oven, and now alladin sane is up there with warhol’s marilyn monroe, but it was bound to happen one day. bowie’s on par with elvis now.

when the news came through i didn’t rush to play his beautifully bespoke farewell ‘lazarus’. instead i reached for an early offering called ‘love you till tuesday’…for some reason i yearned to hear that young contender at the front of his life. it’s a lovely recording, full of silliness and musical care…after that i did listen to lazarus and thought how this life is so very transformative. we start out as one thing and become something else.

this low res video is a favourite david clip of mine, where he sings simon and garfunkel in the wake of 9/11. only the best singers can take on these kind of songs. a lot of pop music plays on fairly linear melody lines..all they need is a little vim, but some songs demand a singer be capable of placing musical notes on a more curvy melody line. david appears around the one minute mark.

i don’t think any recording artist translated from the old world on to the internet as well as david bowie..there’s so many blinding pictures to choose from, but i’ve chosen this one where he’s shooting the breeze with mick jagger. i believe in their friendship.. london boys…roughly the same age… bright buttons both of them.

hey readers …loads of love ..  loads and loads and loads of love..mary faery liquid.

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10 Responses to bye bye david

  1. lloydsloops says:

    reflected true
    in the beautiful
    to the point

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  2. you doll doll.


  3. derryarse says:

    Nice one Gregory only you would have chosen that America cover,great choice,there is a lot of him in your music especially your inspired videos RIP Starman

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  4. A treat to hear his raw vocals – reminded me that he was a great singer, with or without all the other associations.

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  5. Beautiful tribute for David, Thanks Mary 🙂

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  6. Neil Harvey says:

    A Great choice Mary. Thank you.
    Part of my youth has left .
    His songs will live on in my heart ,
    `till it stops beating.


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