vinyl records

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i’m thinking of buying a duffle coat. i want to walk around my local area wearing a duffle coat with a copy of ‘bridge over troubled water’ tucked under my arm in the pouring rain. maybe then, if i can get this vinyl nonsense out of my system, there’ll be a chance to finally move on.

anyway, i only bought a turntable cause it makes for nice furniture.. spinning away there.

a few years ago i started rebuilding a vinyl collection. it was fun for a while, but that second honeymoon’s over now. it’s getting unwieldly. as a teenager i was fine kneeling down on cold floors with a crooked neck fingering long rows of L.P’s to find a few songs to play, but i’m now feeling nostalgic for the convenience of mp3’s and iTunes playlists.

it’s fun to think of those record shops around soho whose good fortune is being close to places where one might drink strong nancy cocktails, for there is no trap like drifting out of a bar feeling high, and then into a record shop. one will surely buy clutter one doesn’t need. just watch for queens with a little bit of disposable income. many who surgically remove themselves from a cocktail lounge, suffer a second ordeal of walking past a record emporium… meanwhile over in new york.. at the top banana waldorf astoria hotel….boys love box sets, and the new spendy david bowie box set will be extremely tempting … it’s all about those big chunky boxes furnishing our ikea manshelves. girls, from what i can tell aren’t so stupid, but boys have been proudly displaying trophies on shelf space ever since collecting dinky toy cars as toddlers, and we’ve never stopped ..

i see they’ve done a deluxe vinyl re-issue of the rolling stones ‘sticky fingers’. being over fifty, all i desire is that andy warhol cover art… i could frame and hang it on the stairway wall..the record inside is superfluous to my needs. they can re-master the music till they’re blue in the face and still ‘brown sugar’ will never ever sound as good as it did back in 1971 in that school assembly hall disco, on that shitty record player when i was twelve years old with young ears clear as bells where everything rang shiny and new.

perhaps the best thing is walking through town or waiting on a train with good headphones attached to a smartphone…the music turns dreary station platforms into a time of great reflection. it turns a trudge up regent street into a movie scene of sheer romance. you may laugh, but to hear cilla black sing ‘alfie’ privately in your ear as you glide up regent street, can be a deeply moving experience. that sly little mobile gadget might even nudge an oldster like me towards listening for something new.

dear reader.. it’s friday…..happy weekend  … mary fairy liquid.

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9 Responses to vinyl records

  1. icantexplainmyfeet says:

    last night I went to the opening night at Proud Gallery in The Kings Road to see the Rolling Stones exhibiton. some gems in there.
    it is still open in the week for general viewing

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  2. Richard Malpas says:

    Hello lovely man, I’m not too sure what to comment on this post, but here goes, I like to say something….I can understand the ditching of vinyl. I carted around a few hundredweight of the stuff, in banana boxes and anything that would carry the weight…and I never played the bloody them. Compared to the formats of today they sounded terrible…so I done a deal with a collector, he’s happy and so am I….I will never forget the feeling of discovering a new LP and spend, what seemed hours, reading the back of it in a stoned gawp…so to the future, it can only get better….It’s a bit like instruments….the guitar is a work of art, it’s been perfected over the years to get that pure sound, but alas fibre-glass and carbon can improve the sound, as in the Ovation guitar….a shape that cannot be created in wood, for the perfect resonance……am I waffling…?? Then I’ll catch you next time…

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  3. waffling is good…long may we waffle ritchie.
    i think i’d always prefer guitars to be made out of wood… i once visited a man who makes guitars, and when he invited me into his work room the smell of all the different kinds of wood was very nice…i realised that these men who make guitars are very passionate about wood…he talked lovingly for ages about the places they come from and how rare they can be,and the various tones they give a instrument…it was really something to see the stages of bringing the wood to life…adding oils ect, there was even a humidifier oven type thing.

    i see they’ve invented a printer that you load with a carbon type substance that potentially allows us to download actual objects…and so someone downloaded from the internet the first carbon violin!.. i thought that was wild.
    happy sunday ritchie.


  4. Richard Malpas says:

    Just like to add that I also prefer authentic instruments, and I have seen the Carbon 3D printing, fascinating…I have watched programs of how original guitars and other instruments are made and that is more fascinating….Enjoy your day…

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  5. Tony Lawson says:

    Hello there. I don’t always comment but I nearly always read and always enjoy your www (wonderful world watching). I’m still waiting for cassette tapes to come back to life!

    And the seasons they go round and round and the painted ponies go up and down…

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    • hi tony…apparently cassettes were momentarily embraced by hipsters recently…personally i found them aesthetically charmless…. and only last week i read a thing how ones are listening to albums on reel to reels for full sonic scope or something..i’m sure it is, until the tape oxidises or wears out.

      its nice to hear from you tony and know you read this blather of mine xxx

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  6. Tony Lawson says:

    Aesthetically, I couldn’t agree more! But in those distant school-days how many hours were whiled away, copying albums (early piracy) and writing out the titles of the songs on the tiny cardboard insert? Oh and then there was the problem of whether to go for the C-60 or the C-90 and whether the album would fit or not. Not to mention the ‘compilation’ game! It was fun in its way. I heard that about reel to reel. Now there’s a fascinating piece of machinery. I had an old Grundig of my dad’s for a while and loved to just sit there watching the wheels go round and round (did somebody already say that?). It gave up the ghost sadly. I guess mp3s do have that considerable advantage of never scratching and never wearing out. Not like us…


  7. y’know some cases i like the wearing out of human beings..we can become more interesting during these buckled years..we’re slowed down through no choice of our own,and those circumstances are often transformative. my plan is yielding towards it…swimming with the tide only faster.


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